About Cliffs Shed

About Me.

Hello, my name is Cliff, hence the Cliffs Shed, which was born when I started publishing YouTube videos of what I do in my shed.

I have worn a few hats in my time, I trained as a clock and watch maker, spent some time in the army as an electronics technician but spent most of my working life as a plumbing and heating engineer. In more recent years I had a shop from where I repaired and sold clocks and watches and made and sold jewellery, latterly due to the onset of a muscular problem I was unable to continue working full time and found myself with more time than I had ever anticipated to pursue my hobbies in the shed! A seemingly enviable position, but financially trying.

I have always had a keen interest in making “things” and over the years have built up a pretty well-equipped workshop to play in.  I had started to produce YouTube videos on some of the things I make and do in the shed and I thought that maybe  I could  sell some of the things that I have been making and using in my hobbies, particularly in coin ring and jewellery making to subsidise my hobbies and provide a little income, hence this website is here!

Coin ring making has come a long way since I started making them, originally drilling the centres out and hammering the coin down a mandrel, but one of the great things about the coin ring making community is how new ideas and developments are freely shared, there is no right or wrong way to make a ring, but certainly more than one way which makes this hobby/business so fluid and exciting.

The tools I make and sell on this site are what I make and use, not always getting it right first time but with trial and error have developed a sound method of achieving repeatable, first class results, making this hobby both satisfying and mildly profitable.

There will be new things to come, new materials to try, tools in development from me and many others out there and I hope to use this site to promote new ideas as they develop and showcase them both here and on my YouTube site and would welcome any ideas for the “Blog”.

I am not a major concern, my output is limited to what I can produce, but I strive to make the best products possible to make your hobby and mine as enjoyable as possible.