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Rings from Rob Ross

I would like to say that this is what is possible when you buy my ring making tools, but I think you will agree that it also takes a lot of skill to make rings this good!

Robert Ross, who is based in Wales, has recently caught the coin ring bug and bought some coin ring tools from me and within a relatively short period, is producing this sort of quality!

Outstanding progress Robert, if you would like to find out more about Robert, see what he has for sale or commision something, I’m sure he would be glad to help, you can contact him at,

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This is my first post!

Nothing to report really, I have been a bit tied up sorting out this website, so have’nt been up to much. I have started making a folding cone to give the swedish wrap method a go, nd as soon as it is done I’ll put something on youtube, trying it out, need to get out and get a few rolls of ptfe tape! BFN