17.5 and 20 Degree Double Sided Folding Cones


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Set of Three 17.5 & 20 Degree double sided folding cone. 


These three coin ring folding cones made specifically for a half crown, two shilling and one shilling coin as they will sit level with the top of the 17.5 degree side of the tool. Other coins smaller than the two shilling can be folded, it’s just not as convenient.

The other side of the tool has a 20 degree cone, which is approximately 30,27.5 and 25.5mm in diameter respectively and can be used to size your rings and give a nice barrelling to the sides.

They are made from steel and oil hardened which helps with corrosion resistance, light oiling when not in use and a bit of ptfe spray or pepe lube in use is recommended.



Please visit my YouTube channel, “cliffsshed” to see some of the tools in use in my coin ring tutorials.


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