Coin Ring Punch No 1

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English Coin Ring Punch Tool. No1.

Specifically designed for English coins, half crown, two shilling and one shilling, but any coin smaller than a Half crown can be used by simply making a temporary (or permanent), reduction ring.

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English Coin Ring Punch Tool. No1

Specifically designed for English coins, half crown, two shilling and one shilling. These coins will fit directly into the recess in the top of the body, (lower part), using the reduction rings supplied as necessary. Any coin smaller than a half crown can be used by simply making a temporary reduction​ ring from thin card as the cap of the tool clamps the coin during punching, the reduction rings only centre the coin.
The body of the tool is steel, oil hardened to help resist oxidisation, but benefits from light oiling, especially when not in use. The cap is made from aluminium, anodized, and dyed.

The coin is placed in the recess in the top of the body using a reduction ring if required, the cap is screwed down, clamping the coin in position and an appropriate punch with its sleeve if required, is placed into the tool. An arbor or hydraulic press is the best method of punching, but the tool can be placed in a stout engineering vice, closing the vice until the hole is punched. It is possible to hammer the punch through, but this is not recommended.

The tool comes with a 15mm punch and a 10mm punch, a 15-10mm upper and lower reduction sleeve for the 10mm punch.  The punches are made from tool steel, hardened and tempered.  They have a slight angle to the cutting face to promote a shearing action when passing through the coin, and I would recommend using pepe lube or similar, to the punch end, more recently I have been using a quick squirt of ptfe spray which I have found useful. A reduction ring for two and one shilling coins is supplied.
This is an ideal set for punching perfectly centred holes in coins for ring making.

I have personally been using these tools for a few years now and am very happy with their consistent accuracy in punching perfectly centred holes in hundreds of coins, the perfect start in making any coin ring.

  • You will receive,
  • Steel punch body
  • Anodised aluminium cap
  • 1x15mm tool steel punch
  • 1x10mm tool steel punch
  • 15-10mm body and cap sleeve
  • 1x two shilling reduction ring
  • 1x one shilling reduction ring

(Half crowns fit directly into the recess)

Please do not be deterred by the price of this tool. It is equal to many that you could pay twice the price for.


Please be aware that these tools are individually handmade in my workshop in England and may have slight colour variations from the photographs.

Coins are for illustration only and are not included.

2 reviews for Coin Ring Punch No 1

  1. itroit (verified owner)

    The coin punch is excellent and makes life so much easier. Have made a few rings now and thoroughly recommend your tools.


  2. samg2703 (verified owner)

    This is fantastic, I don’t have a press so I’m hammering the punch through and I have no issues in getting through a coin, it’s perfect every time. Now to save up for the sweedish wrap.

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