No1 Coin Ring Making Set


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This set has been designed for making English coin rings, but many other coins can be used, you will require other equipment, a press for punching and a ring stretching tool.

This coin ring set consists of,

Punch, bored to accept a half crown and has 15 reduction rings to accept a variety of coins. Two punches, made from silver steel and hardened at the cutting end, 15mm and 10mm (with sleeves.) This tool will punch as perfectly centred hole as the shape of the coin will allow. Other coins, with a diameter less than a half crown can be punched by making a temporary reduction ring from card, or if it is near to one of the reduction rings, pressing it into some kitchen roll or similar will often do the trick.  The tool body is made from EN1A steel and is oil hardened, this will help to prevent corrosion but light oiling when not in use is necessary. The cap is made from aluminium and anodised.

Two double ended female folding cones. One to accept a half crown and two shilling, with a 17.5 degree taper, the second cone has one end to accept a shilling with a 17.5 degree taper, the other end has a 10 degree taper for sizing and shaping.

A 40 degree starter cone, for starting folding.

Two 17.5 degree taper, male folding cones to open the coins out ready for further work on a ring stretcher or mandrel.

The cones are made from EN1A steel and oil hardened, as the punch body.

The set comes with a 3d printed plastic bench tidy.

For more info and video tutorials please visit cliffsshed on youtube.

Please feel free to message me if you have any questions.

Please don’t be detered by the price, these tools are equal to those you could pay twice as much for.

(coins are for illustration and are not included)


Any questions please ask,
Thank you for looking.
Please be aware that these tools are individually hand made and there may be slight colour variations.


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