No3 Coin Ring Punch



Coin Ring Punch Set

The coin is placed in the recess in the top of the body using a reduction ring if required, the cap is screwed down, clamping the coin and an appropriate punch is placed into the tool. An arbor or hydraulic press is the best method of punching
The body of this coin ring punch set has been made from steel and is oil hardened to be rust resistant. It will accept coins up to 40mm in diameter. The cap is made from alluminium and has been anodised for increased durability.
The set comes with three hardened silver steel punches, 15mm,12mm and 10mm.
The 12 and 10 mm punches are supplied with upper and lower sleeves to fit into the punch.
Also included in the set are 25 reduction rings which will fit a vast variety of coins.
The set comes with a bench tidy.

This is an ideal set for punching a perfectly centered hole (as the condition of the coin will allow) in coins for ring making.
To view a demo on youtube,copy and paste, your browser.
Handmade in my workshop in England.

Please don’t be detered by the price, these tools are equal to those you could pay twice as much for.

(coins are for illustration and are not included)


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