Swiss Wrap Set

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I have been working on this set for a while now and have settled on this combination of 5 degree forming dies and 5 brass pushers. The Delrin cup can be used to set underneath the die for extruding and catching the ring.  The diameter of the largest die starts at approximately 32mm, allowing a pre- formed ring or cone up to about a size 36/Z+5 to be straightened and can be formed down to about a size H/5-6 (approximate sizes, amount of wrapping and wall thickness will influence minimum and maximum sizes possible).

A useful set for any serious coin ring maker to have on their bench, but, in my opinion they do take a bit of getting used to and I would recommend to anyone starting out to start with the more conventional methods.

I would recommend watching the video before trying these tools out!

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Swiss Wrap Set. Includes 2 Forming Dies,

5 Brass pushers, Delrin Cup and a laser printed PLA


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  1. anthony.dacey (verified owner)

    Very nice kit works very well the 5 degree pitch creates a nice looking ring in my opinion more pleasing than the 7 degree pitch, the push rods used in this system are better than the longer ones which can be difficult to centre and keep straight when pushing the ring through the die. The witness lines are excellent for accurate sizing. All in all well made and excellent value for the money.

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